“Laughing with Elder Dallin H. Oaks”

My dearest family!! 

 This week Elder Oaks came to our mission!! MIRACLES!!!!!! We got to sit on the front row directly in front of him durning mission conference. BTW Elder Oaks is HILARIOUS!!!!! Also his laugh is almost as funny as mine. So one time he told a joke and laughed. So of course I was laughing then he looked right at me and laughed even harder. We both laughed and then I realized that he was laughing because I was laughing so of course I turned bright red!! Like so red. Like fire truck red. hahahahaha I love my laugh and I love this apostle of the Lord. Also the whole mission loves my laugh. (they better. or else.) 

 So on saturday night while in the midst of being overcome with joy – ammon style (see miracle below for details) we prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help us to take a picture with Elder Oaks. We did! Heavenly Father has the BEST timing. While Michelle was in her second interveiw he came out and was right there. We got to take a picture! YES! Heavenly Father hears and answers even our silly requests. We have such an incredible God. 

 We all can change through the atonement of Christ. Heavenly Father has helped me to change even the way I react. I am so grateful for this. For example when a certain set of missionaries did something very selfish and hurtful instead of letting them have a piece of my mind like I would have in the past I was able to take deep breaths and pray and respond with peace and love. This is amazing. I am so grateful. Don’t worry I am still a work in progress haha. 

 This has been THE MOST AMAZING MIRACLE WEEK OF MY MISSION/LIFE!!! My faith in my Savior Jesus Christ has been stretched and grown to new levels and am really starting to understand President Monson’s quote – my abilities have been stretched and I am becoming the miracle. I have forever been changed. I love this work. 

 I learned so much from Elder Oaks. It was so amazing to see his personality and to laugh with him. 🙂 I am so grateful for the opportunity to sit at the feet of an apostle and be taught by the Spirit. He is truly called of God. I learned so much about the importance of the covenants we make and the endowment. I love the emphasis he put on it. I have always felt that way about the temple and I cannot wait to go again! What really hit home for me is what Elder Oaks taught about becoming. Belief is not enough we are here to become. There are 3 simple steps in becoming. 1. listening and learning (sometimes we get caught up in this and we don’t apply what we learn) 2. Go and Do. (we also can get caught in this and then we become robots…) and 3. Becoming (this happens as we learn and do something with a pure heart.) The journey to become is a steady upward course that often takes “toiling through the night.” I know that this work is not easy but it changes us as we press forward with steadfast faith in Christ. “If ye believe these things see that ye do them.” I believe these things, I believe that Jesus is the Christ and that the only way we can have eternal life is to enter into the path and endure to the end. 

 “God, I am ready, use me at your will…I am 66 years old and I am finally home.” – Michelle. President this probably the greatest miracle of my mission. My recent converts Katrina and Rowdy have been bringing Michelle to church in Davie with them the last couple weeks. She loved it. On Saturday something told Michelle that she needed to go with them to the evening session of Stake conference. We met Michelle walking into the Stake Center not thinking anything of it welcoming her and then we sat by them for the session. She asked us if she could have a Book of Mormon. After the session Michelle dissappeared we couldn’t find her. She walked past us again and Elder Dean quickly told us that Michelle lived in our area as she was passing. I quickly turned to Michelle and asked her how she felt. She told us how she absolutely loved the conference especially what Elder Smoot shared about Enrique and what Elder Oaks shared about baptism. She said that now she understood and knew that she needed to be baptized! We invited her to be baptized the next day. She said yes!! She told us how she had quit smoking 3 months ago and has been looking for a church that will fill her heart. She told us how she believed that Elder Oaks was called of God and that this is his Church. We saw her testimony being borne as she shared it with us! She felt at home here. She prayed right there and it was one of the most sincere prayers I have ever heard. After the prayer she tearfully and wholeheartedly knew that this is what God wanted her to do. The next morning we went to round her up. She had a rough night and was not sure about it anymore. We prayed with her and shared 3 Ne 9:13-15 with her. We asked her what she was willing to do to receive this healing from the Savior. She replied, “I am willing to give him everything.” She looked at her cup of coffee and said “That is the last cup of coffee I will ever drink.” We again invited her to be baptized and she looked at us and said “How do I get there and what do I need?” Katrina then helped her get all of her stuff and gave her a “big fluffy” towel. She came to stake conference and was baptized. It was a miracle. We met Michelle and 15 hours later she was baptized. She bore her testimony after her baptism and shared how she had been searching for a church where she could give back and serve those around her. The best part of this is that Katrina and Rowdy were the missionaries. Their example opened Michelle’s heart and she asked them to take her to church! The work of the Lord is truly hastening. We are all apart of this work. 

  “Faith in the Lord, also means faith in His timing.” The Lord’s timing is the best. I know that this is His work. I love this work and I love being a missionary! 

 love you!! 

Sister Stegelmeier


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