“I have an incredible God.” – Tosha

My dearest family!

I am so grateful for you email this morning and this is actually what I have been learning in the last couple days. I have always struggled with keeping a record of anything my whole life and Heavenly Father has been teaching me the importance of this. Last night I realized that without recording I am not acknowledging the Lord’s hand in my life. So prideful!!! So I have repented! I will be a daily journal writer for the rest of my life. Why? Because I want to show God how much I love what he teaches me and how I love seeing his hand in my life and the lives of those I love. This also goes for the Area Book. It is so important to be still and know that He is God and if we don’t take time to record than we are not holding ourselves accountable for what God is giving us. I am so grateful for this amazing understanding now.

There are so many amazing things happening in this work. I have been doing a lot of pondering as of late because it has been over a month since we have baptized in our area. This is a huge struggle for me. I desire so much to fulfill my purpose and bring his children into the waters of baptism. I have never worked harder to do so and not seen results. There are many things that I have learned from this experience though.

To name a few:

-results of your hard work comes in different forms. The best approval is the peace of the Lord that you receive after all you can do.

-The Lord does compensate you for all your diligent efforts. This is His work.

“We will move faster if we hurry less. We will make more real progress if we focus on the fundamentals. We will even come to know more as we serve more, for as we learn to bear more we are made ready to hear more.” President Kimball

It is all about the fundamentals! Faith and Obedience. This is the foundation of the Lords work. This is a foundation that must be kept up through constant nourishment of living bread and water. I love the symbolism in the sacrament. I know that as I slow down to record, that God will teach me and help me to see what is really happening.

Stan and Taina are getting married this week. We met Taina and Stan as they were getting out of their car at their complex. We were rushing off to an appointment but we saw them and contacted them. We invited them to church and testified about how it would bring their family closer together to come. Taina then told us how she had been baptized 3 years ago but hadn’t been in a long time. We set up a time to come back and see them. We have had some of the most spiritual lessons with them. They are so excited to get married. They are going to get their marriage certificate today and they are going to be married by Bishop Brown this week. A family is going to be completed! Stan is going to be baptized on Sunday 🙂

Tosha is also getting baptized this week. In one of our lessons we were using a picture of Jesus and we asked her what she thought when she saw it. She said “I have an incredible God.” The spirit hit me so hard when she said this. I know it is true.

Thank you so much my dear family for your support and your prayers. I feel them and they strengthen me. I love this work and I am so excited to give all that I have and all that I am to the Lord for all of my life.


Sister Stegelmeier

PS transfers are next week. It will be interesting to see what happens!!



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