“I give unto men weakness that they may be humble”

My dearest family!!!

Thank you so much for all your love support and prayers. This has been some of the most humbling weeks of my mission and I am eternally grateful for the things I am learning.

I am learning so much and am truly learning to rely on the Lord. We have been struggling the last couple weeks getting our investigators to church. I am sorry. I am devastated because we have had them ready to go and committed and then they disappear. It is our desire to be obedient. We are working so hard. We see so many miracles each day and we desire to see them through. We are searching for the solution and going out to work harder than we ever have before. We have repented and with God’s help we are going to have 5 dates and 5 investigators at sacrament. This experience is teaching me so much about humility, relying on the Lord, how weak I truly am and how much I need the atonement, how to counsel and receive revelation, and how to chose faith in Jesus Christ. “You receive no witness till after the trial of your faith.” I know that as we rely on Christ and keep moving forward that he will qualify us and will bless us with the gifts talents and abilities we need to do the work that he has called us to do, to bring his children unto him through baptism. We will all be the miracle and be found on the right hand of God as we are “steadfast and immovable” and focused on our purpose.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be Sister Dunford’s companion. She is so amazing. I love her with all my heart. It is amazing to see how the Lord puts us in each others lives to learn grow and overcome through the Atonement.

We are working with members like I have never worked with members before. As a ward with the 3 companionships of missionaries we have a goal to have 100 members out with us in 2 weeks. That means 17 members out with us per companionship per week. This is going to stretch us and the ward but we know this goal is from God and it is going to change us, our investigators, recent converts and less actives, and the ward. It is amazing. We are so excited. It has started a fire in the ward. Instead of just relying on the 5 normal people we always call we are asking everyone and the whole ward is getting involved with missionary work. It is a miracle!!! We have 20 members committed to come out with us this week. I am so excited. So many miracles. Our members are inviting people to be baptized!

Miracles never stop to happen, even through all the opposition we have faced yesterday we went to see Mara, who we met Saturday night. When we got there she was on the phone with her mom. She put her mom on speakerphone for the lesson (I was a little nervous about this…). halfway through the lesson the Mom says – Do you know elder marsh and Elder Peterson? They baptized me and I have missed coming to church and will come as soon as I get back from New York. Then she testified to her daughter about how much baptism changed her life and about the Book of Mormon. It was amazing. We had 2 other members with us and it was by far the best member present lesson of our lives. Mara is getting baptized! It was such a miracle. We also called a former who has been out of town forever and he is back and he asked us if he could get baptized this Sunday! Miracles. I am so grateful for the Lord’s hand in the work.

I was able to see Sister Dye. This was such a heaven sent miracle. I was struggling. My faith was low and I was praying for help and Heavenly Father sent a miracle and then we got to go do missionary work together again. I am so grateful.

I love you all so much and I love this work with all my heart. I love the people here in Florida. Heavenly Father is really opening my heart to love more and I am so grateful for that. I am grateful for my weaknesses so that I may rely upon God and truly understand his sacrifice more fully.

love you all!!

Sister Stegelmeier I


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