Faith in Every Footstep

My Dearest Family!!!!

I love you all so much!! School is starting and I can’t believe it. Time is flying. There is no time for not having fun or having the spirit with you. 🙂 Transfers were this week – it was a wild time. By far the biggest transfer meeting I have ever been to! The whole mission was basically there.

As you know I stayed in Ft laud! YAY! Sister Dunford is my new companion – she has been serving down south in YSA for her whole mission (she served 6 transfers down there – almost as long as I was in Davie hehe) until now. Some fun facts about her – she is a midwife and has delivered lots of babies. She is from Arizona and she LOVES this work. I love her and we are going to grow and learn so much! I am very excited.

It has been such and amazing week of transfer week miracles. I am so grateful for this opportunity to grow change and become more like the Savior. I am so excited for this transfer. I am so excited to be stretched and I am thirsting to know what I can change to become better. I have realized how much I rely on God for everything.

I am excited to work with Sister Dunford. She is an amazing missionary. It is amazing to see how we have such different strengths and talents but because we love the Lord and this work we are united. I love that. I also love being open and honest. We are really working on finding balance in the work. We recognize the great trust the Lord has given us with our area and stewardship and we are going to rely on him to carry it out.

We finished setting a vision for our harvest and praying as we did so we felt like we should go around the back of the building. As we turned the corner. We saw a man working on his car with his dog. We marched right past the dog to the man and introduced ourselves. As we asked him what he would like us to pray for he asked us to pray to help him change and have strength from God to change. As we left the blessing the Spirit was so strong. It was amazing. After the prayer there was light in his eyes and he accepted baptism. He felt the hope that comes through the Savior and he wanted more. I love when you can see it in their eyes and on their face that they have felt then when we invite them to act they recognize that the invitation comes from Christ. John accepted baptism and church. Later when we met his wife was asked her what change she had seen in John since we met him and she noticed that he was happier. When we asked him why he wanted to be baptized he said ” I want to be as happy as you both are!” I love the joy that the gospel brings us all.

I really want to be selfless and to be able to help people feel Heavenly Father’s love when I am around them. Like Ammon – King Lamoni immediately noticed a difference in him the first time he met him. I love God and I love my brothers and sisters. I want to share all that I have and all that I am (all of which was given to me from God) with my brothers and sisters. Ammon understood his purpose and came with love and service looking outward. This work is not about me it is about God. I know that this is the first commandment and when I give him my heart he will help me with the how. I love God, I love his children and I am going to be found doing His work.

So there is a recent convert who loves to hear me sing… Well she told bishop, who has told everyone in the ward and now everyone wants to hear me sing!! haha ok so that is a good time. Also Genie our recent convert is trying out for the Voice. She is so awesome!!

Love you all – I am always praying for you!

Sister Stegelmeier I


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