Be still and know that I am God.

My dearest family!

I am so grateful for the training that we have received this week. We had MLC and a mission conference with Elder Soares! My life has been changed forever. I am so grateful for the adjusting to mission life booklet. It is a new booklet that the church has given to all missionaries about managing stress – aka applying the atonement and changing! It has opened my eyes to the importance of managing our stress. I love this work but I realized that lately I have not loved every moment like I used too… I am so grateful for the opportunity to choose again. In the past I have been so self critical that it has stopped me from progressing. I love God and I love his children. I want to love myself and be at peace with what I am doing. I want to stop trying so hard and just become!! I want to truly love my mission and everything about it. 🙂

With this realization I decided it is time to simplify my plans and allow God to be apart of my equation so much more. I am going to need his help for this one big time. He gives us weaknesses that we may be humble and come unto Him. This scripture in D&C 101:16 has come to have more meaning to me:

“Therefore, let your hearts be comforted concerning Zion; for all flesh is in mine hands; be still and know that I am God.”

I desire to team up with the Lord and be moved and filled with compassion. His children are in His hands. I love this work and we are seeing so many amazing changes in our lives and in the lives of all those we work with as we are applying the things we are learning. As we love as Christ loves we will be able to be effective and efficient advocates and messengers of the truth.

On Monday we arrived to the place we had picked out to harvest. We started walking down the street and I looked across the street. I saw a girl sitting on her car with one of her friends. We immediately walked over and contacted . At first she was a little apprehensive but then she softened as we bore pure testimony of Jesus Christ. We went to her home and left the harvest blessing. After the prayer she was crying and her friend insisted that we hear her sing. She sang the most amazing song about our Savior. Tamika came back and we invited them all to be baptized. The Spirit was so strong and they all immediately accepted baptism! It was amazing. Heavenly Father is truly preparing his children! I love this work.

Don’t worry my dear family, I am so happy and I am so grateful for this opportunity to choose and choose big to be positive and rely on the Savior to overcome my weaknesses.

We met the most awesome family!! Stan and Taina and Stan jr! Taina was baptized 3 years ago and Stan the man is getting baptized this weekend! We are so excited! Stan has 2 jobs, is going to school, and he and Taina are MARRIED!!! This is a VBD in our area. They rock! Also Stan the man is studying theater and reminds us of Will Smith!

I love this work. I choose in completely and I choose to love every moment. I love being a sister training leader. I love the Lord and I love his children.


Sister Stegelmeier I



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