Working West Side God’s Style!!!

My dear family!

My mission, life and eternity has been changed forever.

This has been one of the greatest weeks of my mission. We started the week with a vision of doing this work His way. We took it to him in an if… then… We blew our vision out of the water! It was amazing. Each night in planning we talked about our vision, goals, and plans and took it to the Lord for the next day in accountability. On Thursday in our weekly planning session we set a vision for our companionJune 2013 crishelle  sis dougal eating June 2013 crishelle  sis dougal with elders June 2013 eating slime with sister dougal June 2013 elders and door upright June 2013 sisters in car laughing june 2013 with Janckoship to always be inviting the spirit by being exactly obedient and by being diligent and purpose centered. Then we went and did. We were so delightfully exhausted this week but we loved every minute and have never been so happy in our lives!

So many miracles happened. Pyako’s got baptized!! He was so excited – he has really opened up. He shared his testimony with us and it warmed my heart so much to see how he has really changed and has such amazing desires to follow Jesus Christ. He is going to be such an incredible member of the Branch.

On Tuesday we had 20 minutes before our last appointment. We prayed and went to find a family. We drove to a part of the area we had never been before and pulled over at an apt complex. We prayed again with an if then to the Lord and went and knocked. We met Marie and her amazing family. When we first knocked on her door she said no I have a church but as we testified and identified ourselves as representatives of Jesus Christ her heard softened. She gathered all her kids who were there for the prayer. It was one of the best harvest blessings I have ever been apart of. The spirit was so strong! She had tears running down her face as she accepted baptism. Maurie and her kids are all getting baptized! They are so amazing.

During a comp study and accountability with the Assistants we realized the importance of teaching simple and pure doctrine. Preach my Gospel is so amazing!! It is the best tool box in the world! My personal studies have changed so much. While studying the doctrine of sacrifice and agency this week I came to understand the principle of consecration even more. Heavenly Father honors our agency – it is the gift he gave us so we could grow and become like him. We cannot be changed against our will so we must choose into the plan He has for us by exercising faith, repenting, being baptized, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. In 2 Nephi 2 Lehi explains to Jacob that we are given the ability to know good from evil and law so that we may choose. We must choose Christ to receive mercy and return to live with our Father in Heaven.

We have committed to teaching doctrine straight from Preach my Gospel in all our lessons. We have had so many amazing lessons since doing this. The Spirit is so strong as we teach pure doctrine. I love it!!

I have never been so happy in my life. I love this work. The worldwide leadership broadcast was so amazing!! We have all been called to serve – we made a covenant with God at baptism to bring others unto Christ. It was amazing to hear the prophets testify of this and teach us true doctrine about faith and love. So wonderful.

I love Ft. Laud. They are so amazing. Some great quotes of the week:

“Bishop we are so excited!” “you’re excited! Having you here is like a shot of adrenaline!” – a conversation with Bishop Brown after sacrament

“They are church people! Dont worry sisters I got your back. They think we are dealing drugs, but I know better.” – a less active up in delray!

“I just wanna jump in that water again. I would if I could – it was like a big pool of warmness that I fell back into.” – Brother T a recent convert of Elder Ponds in ft laud south that was testifying to our investigator!

“Hi, Im Brother Beale. Thats Brother Beale to you, and I have been a Mormon fo about 3 years now, and it has changed my life. Thats Brother Beale to you once again!” – Brother Beale who canceled with the Elders to come out with us. haha We told him he couldn’t do that anymore.

love you all!

Sister Stegelmeier


One response

  1. Love reading your emails. You are amazing, and we miss you.
    Tell everyone hello for us.
    Richard & Emielie Evans
    (Elder & Sis Evans)

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