Balance and putting God first brings mighty miracles :)

My dearest family!!!

This week has been a week of learning and stretching for me for sure. I really have been humbled and realized how weak I truly am. I am so grateful for the Lord and His infinite grace and mercy that is “stretched out still.” I am grateful for the trust He has placed in me in calling me to this great and glorious mission and giving me the trust of a part of His vineyard. I will give my all and I promise to no more look behind me but to look forward with an “eye single to His glory.” I know this is where true happiness and peace is found as we forget and lose ourselves in His work.

I love this work I truly do. We have really been striving to find balance in everything that is on our plates. Wow balance is truly an eternal principle and I am so grateful I came on a mission and can learn about it here. whew. Our balance and priorities were thrown off a little this week but as we really looked at it as the Lord would have us see everything going on we were again able to see what he would have us shift or change to realign them. I am so grateful. I feel so much better. Doing things the Lord’s way truly is the only way. As we truly do this work the Lord’s way and put our area and investigators first He gives us everything we need. Wow we saw so many miracles as we did this and truly trusted in the Lord.

So we decided to change up how we harvest and to set a vision with God of what we want to accomplish during our harvest. we made goals and plans and took them to the Lord in prayer in an if we… wilt thou bless us with… It was amazing. One of the things we promised the Lord is that we would talk to everyone. We got out of the car and met Stan. We prayed with Stan and he was touched and immediately accepted baptism. He wasn’t sure about getting baptized so soon, because he was nervous about the changes that he needed to make. We felt inspired to teach him about prayer and have him ask God right then. He did. He has so much faith! After his short, humble and powerful prayer he said with a big smile,”wow! the world is brighter!!!” He then said “what do I need to do to get baptized?” He is going to be baptized! I am so excited. I love YSA! We left a total of 8 blessings that day and they were some of the most powerful and spiritual blessings of my mission. It was amazing to see as we set out to harvest with the vision that God had for us that we were able to give him our whole heart to accomplish that vision.

This week I have been studying about accountability. Wow. I have learned so much and it has changed my life. In 1 Nephi 16 Nephi’s bow breaks. This is bad news. They had no other way to get food. Even Lehi starts to murmur. Nephi does something that enables him to stay in the present and to act. He turns to the Lord. He was proactive about his accountability and humbled himself by turning to the Lord in prayer. The Lord taught him as he had a soft heart and was focused on his purpose rather than getting distracted. Love it! Accountability enables us to use our agency and to learn from the Lord. This is going to change my life as I am proactive about my accountability to the Lord and my leaders.

We are teaching Janko – he is so awesome. He is from Micronesia and walked to church yesterday (well till we sent Santiago to pick him up). haha. He is getting baptized on Sunday! I love working with YSA.

So yesterday we decided that it would be a good idea to bake brownies in the church oven… haha dinner. 🙂 so we did. this other lady also thought it would be a great idea so she baked her cookies. so our brownies were perfect but her cookies not so much and they set off the fire alarm. everyone including president and sister anderson thought it was us! lame! but funny. moral of the story – don’t bake brownies in oven when lots of people are around.

love you all!!

Sister Stegelmeier


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