Another miracle filled week here in Nova!! I love it!

My dearest family!!

Wow. I am so thankful for this work and for this the great and glorious vision that God has set for us and I am so thankful that we are able to turn to him and make specific goals and plans to reach that vision. We have seen so many miracles.

I love serving here in Nova. It is amazing. We continue to see miracles as we turn to the Lord to know what to do, where to go and what to do in order to accomplish the vision that we have set for our area. On Monday we were down in Miramar – not very many people had been home and we had felt very good about the plans that we had made the night before so we decided to pray again and ask the Lord. We did so using the if we do… then wilt thou bless us with… It was amazing! We got on our bikes and biked to Antony’s house. We taught him the how of repentance and his eyes lit up as he realized that he could receive the forgiveness and relief he was looking for. The hope that he felt kindled a flame inside him and he committed to change his life right then! It was amazing. Later that night as we were biking back to our car we passed a man walking his dog. I turned to sister Dougal and said – we need to turn around and bless him! So we did! Tommy is AMAZING!! We left a simple and powerful blessing with him and when we opened our eyes he was a new man. He felt so lost and hopeless, but he felt the Spirit during the prayer and it filled him with hope. He immediately accepted baptism. He is YSA!! yeah! We were so excited and we know that we found this great success that night as we turned to God and asked him and then went out and worked to reach the vision we had set with God. 🙂

We have left all of the Sisters in our stewardship a commitment to set a vision of who they want to become because of their missions and who they want to become because of this transfer. So awesome. The vision that I have set for me this transfer is to have more charity and compassion and to lead as Christ leads by teaching correct principles and allowing them to govern themselves. Goals that I have set are to see others as they may become, to study the life of Christ and charity, and to pray for those that I am serving with. My plans are to pray specifically for my heart to be changed about working with sisters (I have always been afraid of working with sisters in the past) and to pray for the gift of charity and compassion. I also plan to purify my motives by only serving others through the Savior that way my pride can’t get in the way. I am going to also work on expressing love to the sisters and those that we serve in new ways like notes and acts of service. I know that as i do these things and account with the Lord each night that I will be able to serve and fulfill this calling as He would have me do.

I love this work – I love seeing all the miracles. There are so many happening and it is amazing to see how the Lord is using us to change the lives of so many people as we willingly turn to him to bring about His great purpose.

Some fun features this week is going to be one of the most wild and exciting weeks of my mission! Miracles here we come! Exchanges tomorrow – sister Herrera and I in nova, exchanges wednesday – sister Aoi and i in nova also comp studies with 2 other sister comps, thursday another comp study and back to our area to prep for MLC on Friday! Saturday accounting and comp study with the assistants. Also we are going to baptize all of the YSA along the way! yeah! 🙂

r nine month picture r sister Dougal nine month picture R Sister Dougal r YSA baptims with elders ransom with the elders picture ransomed joke played on elders running in the rain 2 running in the rainI am truly grateful and honored at the trust that you and God have placed in me. I will give my best, my very best. I love this work. I love the Lord and am so grateful I choose to serve.

Also this one time we broke into the assistants’ apartment by carding their door (don’t worry, we actually had PERMISSION this time because we needed to get something). We decided to steal this picture of a ship they have with all of them in it.

And did I mention that we both have sunstaches? We are SO. COOL.

One of the elders caught a fish…? And left it on our doorstep…?

Okay. So, it was my 9 months mark. And so obvi we had to take the classic sister mish 9 month pregnancy picture.  Can you believe that nine months have gone by?  Already half way only nine months of full time service to the Lord.

Sometimes it rains in the morning or all day but we press on and have fun singing, running, and missionary working in the rain!!!


Sister Stegelmeier


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