Humble Pie is Good!!!!!

My dearest family!

I love you all soooo much!!! I was so fun to see you!

It for sure has been another week full of learning, stretching and growing here in Davie. Sister Merrill is so amazing. She never fails to amaze me with her desire to serve and her love of the Lord. She has jumped in and really taken the lead. She is an incredible missionary and I have loved serving with her. Sister Johnson is as well. She is such a powerful teacher. I have learned and am learning so much in being in this trio. It is truly humbling.

Wow. It has been a very good and hard week for me. Honestly I feel very inadequate to be called to this new role. We have been struggling the last couple weeks in our area as well as in our companionship. I am now finally seeing why. Pride and shame are so sneaky. It has been very hard for us to work out the balance in our companionship and I know that a lot of this is my stuff that is getting in the way of us really teaming up and doing the work the Lord’s way. Heavenly Father sure knows each one of us and knows what we need. I am now learning and seeing that in order to truly serve the Lord with all my heart, might and strength I must be willing to really turn it over to him and to do it his way. Frustration, comparing condemning, competing, complaining and criticizing all stop the spirit and destroy unity. The amazing thing is that repentance is the answer!! It takes humbling ourselves and  turning to the Lord to shift this. It takes great faith, courage and obedience for us and our investigators to do this, but because of the atonement it is possible!!

I have loved studying about repentance this last week – my eyes are really opening up to a whole new level. I began to understand faith unto repentance as I studied and applied Amulek’s teachings in Alma 34. The laws in Heaven are very clear – we are all condemned save it be through the mercy of Christ brought only through repentance. Mercy and redemption come to us as we exercise faith unto repentance! We are encircled about with the arms of safety as we repent! There is so much hope for all of us!

Last night we went out to find a family just as you had challenged us to. We had harvested for an hour and had found some amazing individuals but no families. We started back to the car because it was just about time to head home and we saw a family cleaning their boat in front of the apt complex. We each turned to each other and said ok here is our last shot for the night. We united our faith and opened our mouths! As we identified ourselves as representatives of Jesus Christ, Maddie and her family agreed to pray with us without hesitation. After the prayer we asked her how she felt. They all said they felt peace , relief and comfort. Maddie then said “no wonder we stopped here to clean our boat – we needed this tonight!” We invited them to be baptized they all said yes! I know that as we unite our faith, team up with the Lord and open our mouths he places those that need Him in our paths.

I love this work. I am truly grateful and honored for the trust that the Lord has placed in me. I am going to do all I can. I am going to give him my best and consecrate my all to him. I love you all so much. Thank you!


Sister Stegelmeier



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  1. Thank you for posting sister Stegelmeier’s letters so we can keep up with what is happening in the FFLM – at least where she is serving. It was no surprise to us that she was called as one of the new Sister Missionary Leaders. It is going to be a sad day when she is transferred to some other area of the mission but we know she will do well where ever she is called to serve.

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