I want to be a missionary forever!

double mustaches eating with Sister Merrill family of girl baptism 4-13 mingling with missionaries 4-13My dearest family!

I am sorry I forgot to send this last week….

This week has been so amazing!!! I am still so amazed to see how far this area has come and I love pushing forward to the next level always. I truly know that there are no limits, there is no ceiling and that as we team up with the Lord we will do what has never been done before.

This week we have been able to see so many incredible miracles as we have sought to lose ourselves in the work and talk to everyone. We have been on our bikes more this month and it has been awesome!!! I love being able to talk to everyone! This is how we met Josh. We were outside a recent converts house and he biked up and asked us where our bikes were (we didn’t have our bikes that day unfortunately) and we of course were able to tell him who we were and why we ride bikes around. We were then able to bless him and after the blessing he got really quiet and said – I know you are God’s servants. He accepted baptism but told us that he makes no plans so he was not sure about church. The next day we followed up with Josh in the middle of the street on his bike. It was great. I have really been working on listening to the Spirit and being comfortable with silence as we teach. It was a really powerful how to begin teaching but he still would not commit to come to church. The turning point of the lesson is when we asked him to pray. We invited him to pray and he gave the normal reasons not to. Then we testified and invited him again. Then we were quiet. The Spirit was SOOOO strong! After a couple of times counting to 20 I re identified the Spirit and asked Josh where he believed those feelings come from. He then gave one of the most sincere prayers I have ever heard on my mission. It was amazing! He came to church yesterday and is preparing to be baptized this weekend! So amazing. Talking about good, better, best – the Spirit truly is the BEST teacher!!!!

In 3 Nephi 28 the Lord asks his disciples what they desired of him. 9 said “We desire that after we have lived unto the age of man, that our ministry, wherein thou hast called us, may have an end, that we may speedily come unto thee in thy kingdom.” They desired to give the Lord their all and to serve him all their days – so awesome. The 3 others are my favorite. Because of their faith and the desires of their hearts “more blessed are [they].” They were literally changed and are going to serve the Lord and his children here on the earth till the Savior comes again! According to our faith and the desires of our hearts we each can be changed through the atonement of Christ. Being a missionary is not something that I want to do for just a short 18 months – I want to be changed and found worthy to serve in the Lord’s kingdom doing His mighty work till he comes again. This is the vision of who I want to become. I want to become like Him. This will come moment by moment. Line upon line as I continually strive to become more and more converted each and everyday. Introspection, repentance, goal setting with the Lord and accounting will get me there. I love this work so much and I will forever be changed from serving in the greatest mission in the World – the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission.

I love this work. Sister Merrill is learning so much – I am pretty sure she is training me! Ha! We are learning so much together as we go out and testify of this marvelous restored gospel and the great plan of happiness and challenge each of God’s precious children to come unto him!


Sister Stegelmeier



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