Faith Diligence and Humility!

My dearest family!!!

I love you all so much!!! It has been such an incredible week. So much wildness and awesomeness as always! hahaha there is nothing better than serving the Lord in South Florida! Katrina and Carlos are doing SOOOOO good! Carlos shared his testimony yesterday in sacrament and it was probably one of the best moment ever! LOVED it!!! Also liz is talking to us again! I am so excited – she is coming around – YAY!

It has been another amazing week here in Davie! It is amazing to see that as we press forward with faith and trust in God that he moves his work forward and always gives us the tools we need at the moment we need them!

This work is the best. I have been learning so much this week about really bringing God into the equation and expressing gratitude for all things.

We were struggling getting blessings in the trailer park we were in this week, so I turned to Sister Merrill and asked her “Are you willing to try another way? :)” of course we were so we prayed and felt inspired to go across the street to a richer community that we had never explored before because we had always just been in the trailer park. We started harvesting and met Carmen. We have really been striving to include God in all things and as we harvested her we were able to break out of routine and really trust the Spirit. The Lord literally gave us the words to say and Carmen accepted baptism! Then we went to the next home and met Kelsey. As we said the prayer, testified after the blessing, identified the spirit and invited her to be baptized her heart softened! Then as we helped her seek learning by faith and related the feeling she felt (the spirit and her faith) to a seed she really understood what she needed to do! She invited her self to be baptized and to church the next day! 🙂 It is amazing as we trust in the Lord and follow the promptings of the Spirit he leads us to those that are prepared!

Diligence!! It is my favorite Christlike attribute! I love working hard! I never really put diligence and humility together in my mind, but as I have studied the scriptures that you left us I am really seeing how they are so connected! In  Mormon 2:23-26 Mormon was able to united the wicked Nephites to a cause. This unity brought enough strength for them to beat the Lamanites for the time but they were weak because they were not fighting with the strength of the Lord. They united to fight for their wives, children, houses, and homes. A noble cause, but not teamed up with the Lord. They did not humble themselves before the Lord therefore their victory (or conversion) would not last. I compared this with the Nephites at the time of Moroni in Alma 46:12 – the nephites united to fight *”In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children.*” God was in the equation! They turned to Him and he blessed them with strength, assurances of deliverance, peace and great faith, hope and determination and courage. (see Alma 58:10-12) The Lord fought with them and therefore they came out victorious! I know that as we as missionaries and representatives are diligent and humble ourselves before the Lord and bring Him into the equation that he will trust us with his precious children.

I love this work. I will give the Lord my best, my very best and I will not quit. I love you all so much! Happy Easter and April Fools day!!


Sister Stegelmeier


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