Biking in Sunny Wonderland!

My dearest Family!!!

I love hearing about all of you and what is going on at home. It is hard to believe that I have been gone as long as I have I feel like I just left and at the same time that I have been here forever! I love it!

Carlos and Katrina were confirmed. Carlos is going to have us over for cuban steak sandwiches and a “I’m a mormon” cake this week to celebrate! Katrina is doing so good – she is so awesome. 🙂

I love this work so much – I truly do with all my heart and time is going by way too fast. I guess they were right when they said that time flies when you are having fun! All i know is that I want to make sure that I am always doing everything I can to take advantage of this time that I have to serve the Lord as his representative.

This week has been one of great learning and miracles here in Davie! I love it! The Lord truly is with us as we labor in His vineyard. We have been praying to find families that are praying for us and this week we worked harder than we ever have before to find them. Last night as we set out to harvest we poured our hearts out to Heavenly Father to guide us to a family who was ready to be baptized and praying for us. We then set out to find them. Before we knocked on Michelle’s door I turned to Sister Merrill and said “We are going to testify and teach the doctrine of baptism till this person convinces us otherwise.” 🙂 As we left the blessing on her home the Spirit was super strong – there were tears in her eyes. We invited her to be baptized and she told us that she had actually been baptized as a Mormon when she was 11. (Heavenly Father has a great sense of humor.) We invited her to come to service and she is coming on Sunday! We also left her a Book of Mormon and she can’t wait to read it, then we asked her who she knew that needed a blessing. She sent us to her friend Kurt and his family. When we knocked on their door and testified they let us right in. They told us how the Lord had sent us there and that this was an answer to their prayers. We left the blessing on their home and after the blessing the Spirit was so strong. Kurt was crying. Cristen asked us if we could stay a little and help her son understand and choose Christ. We testified and taught them about the power of baptism in their lives – they are so amazing! They are coming to church and preparing to be baptized! Wow. Immediately after we left their house could do nothing but express gratitude for the MANY miracles that are happening. I LOVE this work!!! 12mar13-dm-steg-lizard-merrill

I have always loved praying and communicating with my Father in Heaven but this week it took on a whole new meaning in my life. When we pray we truly are talking to our Father who loves each of us so dearly and knows us! So special! In 3 Ne 27 the disciples “gathered together and were united in mighty prayer and fasting.” As they did this Christ showed himself unto them and continued to minister unto them (some of my favorite scriptures are in the ones following this experience). As they united their faith humbled themselves before God as they were “baptizing in the name of Jesus” they sought counsel and direction from their Father. I love this! Mighty prayer! As we approach our beloved Father in Heaven we must humble our selves, bow down before him, have faith, and ask in sincerity of heart. As we do this the Lord promises to forgive us of our sins, gather us, chose and qualify us for his work of declaring His gospel with the sound of rejoicing and the voice of a trump, he will labor with us, and that whatever we ask in faith, united in prayer according to his command, we WILL receive! So incredible. As we pray and ask the Spirit will direct us on what to ask for. Prayer is the act of us alligning our will with the Father. My prayers have changes. I know that because of this my relationship with my Father is growing and many more miracles will come about. I love this. (see also Alma 8:10, D&C 5:24;29:2 and Enos 1)

I love you!


Sister Stegelmeier



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