Faith, It’s all about Faith!

23jan13-stegelmeier 25jan13-office-herrera-steg-e-collins 12feb13-tt-herrera-aps-stegelmeier 11feb13-gust-stegMy dearest family!!

It has been such an amazing week of learning. This is my last guaranteed week in Davie – transfers are next week. That will be a good time 🙂 We had Zone conference and Elder Haleck and his wife came and spoke to us. So amazing. I learn so much every day! Ah!

We also went on exchanges! I went up to Coral Springs – it was wild! I finally heard someone say skreet, skrength, and skressin for real! It was so amazing. It was crazy to be outside of Davie, but I have learned how to read a map like a champ and we never got lost! (well not too lost) ha

It has been a wonderful week here in Davie! I can’t even express how much I have come to love the people of Davie. There have been so many miracles and changes that have happened in the ward. I am so thankful the Lord has enabled me to be a part of His great work that is here in Davie. 🙂

This week we hit some big opposition. Most of our investigators have been struggling to keep commitments and especially struggling in coming to church which as we know is a very big deal in helping them to feel of the atonement and progress towards baptism. Sister Herrera and I decided to really introspect and see what we can change both as individuals and as a companionship to be more exactly obedient and more effective and efficient instruments in the Lord’s hands. We fasted and prayed for the Lord to really teach us and show us how we can raise to the next level and progress. We both set some awesome goals and made plans at how we can reach those goals. I am really excited to see the learning and growth that is going to come from our diligence and desire to give the Lord our whole hearts. 🙂

Sunday night we set out to harvest, but we were not just harvesting to harvest. We knew the Lord had someone he wanted us to meet that night a family that needs and was prepared to receive it. As we went out and knocked we didn’t find much success at first, but then we came to Sandra’s door. She told us the usual “I have a church and I know Jesus” but as we testified her heart softened. She let us in to pray with her (her family was out) and we left the blessing. It was a countenance changing blessing. She immediately accepted baptism and asked us where the Spanish church was so her, her husband, and kids could all go. Then we knocked on the next door and met Katia a single mom with 3 boys! She let us in immediately! We left the blessing on her home and invited her to be baptized. She said, “I have been struggling for the last year and I know that you are an answer to my prayers. I need this.” Then before we could ask her who in the area she knew that needed a blessing she sent us to her neighbor across the street who’s brother had just died. We went over right then and met Katrina! Katrina accepted baptism and can’t wait to come to church because she knows that the Lord will let her know this is the right church as she comes on Sunday! It was so amazing to see as we showed the Lord through our diligence and desire to be exactly obedient that he lead us to 3 families!

mission feb-2013-steglem-and-herra-graffThis week I have been learning much about the power of ministering. In 3 Nephi 7, there was much wickedness throughout the land, all of the people had divided and turned away from the truth. Nephi “being grieved for the hardness of their hearts and the blindness of their minds—went forth among them in that same year, and began to testify, boldly, repentance and remission of sins through faith on the Lord Jesus Christ.” (vs 16) As Nephi showed his faith and trust in the Lord and went out with courage to testify he “did minister with apower and with great authority” (vs 17) and “it were anot possible that they could disbelieve his words, for so great was his faith on the Lord Jesus Christ” (vs 18). Because of Nephi’s faith and diligence he was able to minister with power and authority. Many miracles we brought about in the land and many people were baptized unto repentance. Ministering is an incredible tool that Heavenly Father has given us to open each others hearts to the testimony of the Spirit and therefore to help one another to become more converted. So amazing. I want to have faith like unto Nephi and to testify boldly.

I love this work. I love everything about it. I love Davie and working with Sister Herrera- she is growing so much each and everyday. I love the Lord and His great and glorious plan of success that is put in place for each of us. I love you. Thank you for being the best family a girl could ask for!!!


Sister Stegelmeier


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