A New Year and Lots of Miracles In Florida!

DSCF3757[1]My dearest family!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can’t believe it is 2013!!! Who knew it would come this fast! I hope you had so much fun at the cabin! It sounds like you all had a very eventful Christmas break! haha oh boy! I hope you got my letters.

It has been another incredible week of miracles this week here in Davie. We are very excited about all that is going on. 🙂

Cherly and Dwayne are getting married on Friday and we are really working with the ward to bring everything together. Cherly is from Haiti and I love her so much!!! She and her family have been investigating the church for a long time. We met her like 3 weeks ago and the only reason she isn’t baptized is because she had to wait for Dwayne her soon to be husband to get here from Georgia. I love their family so much. Tiasha (cherly’s daughter) is going to put some haitian braids in my hair! Cherly grew up in the ghetto but lived in Georgia for long enough she doesn’t talk ghetto any more but every once in a while she slips and says “finna” instead of “going to”! It is the best! I love her and am so excited for their wedding!! It is amazing to see the changes that have happened in the Davie ward in the last 5 months and to continue to help them come to the next level. I love Davie and I am so thankful to be serving here.

We have been meeting a lot of incredible families! I am super excited to work with them this week – it is amazing to see the kids recognize the Spirit and then turn to their parents to encourage them. I love kids!!! I wish that we all had hearts like children.

This week we have really worked on being united as a companionship, 100% obedient and exercising our faith in finding. We know that the Lord is pouring his Spirit upon our area and we want to be instruments in his hands to find his elect and keep them elect.

We met Bill while harvesting. He had a cigarette in his hand and there were a couple beers on the ground around him. We said “We are representatives of Jesus Christ!” as we introduced ourselves and testified you could see his heart soften. We blessed him and when we invited him to be baptized, he said “Yeah! I have my goals for this next year and I know that this will help me reach these goals.” We set up a return appointment for the next day and he was excited to see us. When we went the next day we to follow-up with him he wasn’t there. We were super sad. On Sunday we were rounding up before church. Bill was outside his house – before we could even get the words out of our mouths to invite him to church he said, “Hey! I am just about to jump on my bike and go to your church!” Bill came to church, he loved it. After Church we went back to solidify his date and introduce the Book of Mormon. He is getting baptized on Sunday and is taking the Book of Mormon to work with him so he can stop smoking and drinking. He is amazing and it was incredible to see that as we had faith and opened our mouths the Spirit gave us the words to say. Being a testifying and challenging missionary Rocks!

Yesterday in the Book of Mormon I decided to study about when the Savior initiated the Sacrament in the Americas. The Savior was about to leave and because of the faith of those who were at the temple he “tarried with them a little longer.” He then healed all of their afflicted. He healed all of them!!! He restored them to wholeness! I think my favorite part of this was something that I had not noticed before. They brought their sick to the Savior and he healed all of them. The Savior easily could have come to each of them but no they came to him (exercised their agency and served their loved ones by bringing them to him). In doing this they were all healed, they were all reconciled unto Christ. As we each come to the Lord and bring our loved ones he changed us. We sacrifice our “natural mans” and egos by coming unto him with a “broken heart and contrite spirit” he heals us and fills us with his love. The Sacrament is everything!!! As we promise to follow his commandments and come unto him he fills us and heals us! That is both sides of the atonement, the healing and cleansing combined with the enabling. He molds us and teaches us as we bring our brothers and sisters unto him. We are all healed and made whole.

I am so thankful for this gospel and for this opportunity to be a representative of my Savior Jesus Christ. I love looking back and seeing where I have been. Looking inward to see where I am right now and then looking forward and turning to the Lord to make the changes that will enable us to take it to the next level.

It has been another wild, adventurous week here in South Florida. 🙂 I am learning a lot about patience and charity. Agency is the best but sometimes it makes me crazy!!! haha satan is super sneaky and we always have to be super careful or he sneaks in hardens our hearts.

How is everything at home?!?! I loved all the pictures you sent last week! they are amazing. I love you all and love this work! Thanks for being the best family in the world!!!

Sister Stegelmeier


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