Is it Really Dec?!? Ha!

steglemeier-and-dye-head[1]My dearest family!!!

I love you all so much. I cannot believe how fast the time has flown. Sister Dye is coming home this week. Chelsey – you should be excited you have a new best friend in Orem!! Her homecoming is this weekend – I would love for you all to go because she is so amazing and I want you all to meet her and her family. I am so thankful for Sister Dye and I am going to miss her like crazy. She is such an amazing missionary. I am so thankful I got to be her companion. I learned so much from her. ūüôā

We have been working hard and seen some incredible miracles. Our ward is really stepping up. We are teaching some new families that are member referals from the Ward Christmas party!! AWESOME! (the dad of the family looks like Jay-Z and is a tatoo artist in Miami hahaha it is so awesome!).

Let’s see this last week we went with Ronny and Erica to the courthouse to get their marriage license (or however you spell that). We planned a wedding. It was amazing there were so many miracles sadly it didn’t happen yet but it will ūüôā We met so many incredible families. We were able to see the temple 2 more times and drive up really close to it because we were with Trish. There are always so many amazing things that happen everyday I can’t remember them all. haha

I am so thankful and my heart is full. Last night as I was reflecting on the last 4 months of my life I could do nothing but be grateful for all the blessings and miracles I have seen. It is truly amazing to see how the Lord works through us as we submit and come to him to touch the lives of the people we come into contact with. As we are obedient and continue to invite all to come unto Christ individuals, families, quorums, and even the ward changes and comes closer to Christ. This is a special time of year and I am so thankful and humbled to represent my Lord and Savior at this time. I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve with Sister Dye! She was the best trainer and companion I could have asked for and I know she was an answer to my many prayers. I am very nervous about training but I know that as we have faith, hope, charity, diligence, and exact obedience the Lord quailifies those who he calls.

It has been our goal to unite our efforts with the ward.¬†It¬†amazes me to see how the ward¬†has really stepped up and made missionary work a priority.¬†This week our incredible family (Ronny and Erica and their 4 amazing children)¬†hit some huge opposition.¬†They decided not to get married or baptized this week. Many¬†of the members had¬†been involved with them from the day we met them and¬†as we explained to the members what happened they we heartbroken. We invited the members to go and see this amazing family and encourage them. When we stopped by yesterday to get back on track we learned that Jeff and Bethanne had come over and spent the night before with them and the Rincons had called and talked to them just a couple hours before we came over. They said “we are starting to understand a little more.” They had¬†some huge questions about the Book of Mormon and no matter what we said it didn’t help them – they needed members to testify to them. It was amazing to see that through the work of the members their hearts are again opening and their desires are again growing. I know we could never do this work alone. I am so thankful for Davie Ward!!

This week while reading the allegory of the olive tree, my mind and heart was opened for more understanding than ever before. Maybe it is because as a missionary I really am a literal laborer in the vineyard. It is amazing to see the love of the Lord of the vineyard has for the Olive trees and to see the hard work that is put in to bring about good and fruitful harvests. When the most fruitful and last harvest was called for the Lord of the vineyard called all his laborers in and sent them out to harvest. They labored with all their mights and did keep all the commandments of the Lord of the vineyard. The labored with all diligence and the Lord of the vineyard labored with them also. As they harvested they saw that the fruit was good and ready to be brought in. I know that these are the last days and the Lord has called us to bring forth his elect. As we continue to go out with exact obedience and diliegence, he will be with us and we will be recognized as his representatives. I am so thankful for my calling as a missionary. I love this work!!!


Sister Stegelmeier

PS I am training next transfer. Oh boy! Adventure here we come!! Also I am back in the drivers’ seat – it has been a while and Florida drivers are WILD but like¬†I said it truly is an ADVENTURE with lots of laughing along the way so it is going to be a good time.




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