Thanksgiving – miracles follow faith :)

My dearest family,

Zone Conference

 I cannot believe that it is almost thankgiving and that I have been serving a mission for 4 months!!! The time is flying!!! I am miss you all but I know that I am in the right place at the right time. I love everything about missionary work and I love serving the Lord. He truly is hastening his work and I know that he is preparing all of us for His work. I love hearing from you. I would love a picture of snow… (I miss snow and cold like crazy but love the nice weather here).

Happy Birthday Aunt Mandy! Hope all is well with everyone – hint hint I would love an update on everyone (you can all email me I just only have an hour) 😉 Eat lots of pie for me and haul lots of wood. 🙂 Also when are you going to get a Christmas Tree?

Check out!!! It is so incredible. The Lord is giving us so many incredible tools to share his gospel with everyone. Share it with EVERYONE!!! Also I would challenge you all to make a profile on It is a great way to share the gospel and share your testimonies.

Rosemary and her daughters Jamsine and Roselani were all baptized this week. It was a miracle and such an incredible test of faith for everyone involved. Richard – one of our recent converts – baptized them and it was amazing! It is so incredible to see all of these people grow and progress as they come unto Christ.

It has been another incredible, miracle filled week here in Davie!! I am forever thankful that I can be apart of this great work serving here in Davie alongside Sister Dye as a representative of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

On monday we went out harvesting to find prepared individuals and families, after we said the prayer to start harvesting we knocked on the trailer we left off on. Erica answered the door and we testified of who had sent us and why we were there. She went and got Ronny, we again testified to Him and they immediately let us in. They gathered their 4 beautiful children and we left a blessing with them. After the blessing they told us how they had been talking that day about how they were looking for a church. They all said yes and are now preparing for the 25th. While following up with them they told us how they could not stop smiling and being happy since we left the blessing with them and how they had been given the money they needed to by the groceries. They are so excited to get baptized and follow Jesus Christ as a family.

Rosemary was baptized yesterday. She was terrified of the water and the first time she tried to be baptized she couldn’t do it. She came out of the font and could barely breathe and was shaking. I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to give me the words to say to help her calm down and over come her fear. I testified to Rosemary and was truly given the words to say to calm her down then I invited her to pray. She did and heartfeltly asked Heavenly Father to help her and give her the courage to be baptized. She did it! she went into the water and was baptized! She did not let her fear of water overcome her faith in Jesus Christ.

I am here to “declare naught but repentance” (D&C 19:21) for I know that Jesus Christ came here “to redeem [us] from our sins” (Helaman 5:10). Lehi and Nephi dedicated their lives to declaring repentance to all – they taught with power and authority. They had been called of God and they were given power as they taugh with the spirit. They were both a voice of warning and of hope to all the people. They baptized many unto repentance. I know that as I continue to testify and challenge and am a worthy representative of my Savior Jesus Christ that the spirit will work through me and give me the power that comes with the authority of my calling. I will cry repentance to all those who I meet and invite them all to come unto Jesus Christ because there is nothing greater than the “joy which is unspeakable and full of glory” (Helaman 5:44) that comes as we repent and come unto Christ.


Sister Stegelmeier



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