LOCOness and miracles :) – oh the life of a missionary in South Florida

My dearest family!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WESTON!!!!!!!! I love you handsome!! I hope you got and love your present I sent you 🙂

It has again been another miracle filled week here in Davie. I love serving here and inviting all to come unto Christ and watching their faith grow. I learned a lot this week about setting goals with faith, having faith, hope and charity for the people we serve and serve with, and overcoming opposition with obedience.

Richard got baptized!!! He is the shyest judo master I have ever met. haha He could kick anyone’s trash that came his way with his martial art fighting skills but at the thought of talking to or meeting strangers scares him more than anything. when we first started teaching him he had the hardest time looking us in the eyes. He decided on Saturday to take the leap of faith and be baptized yesterday. It was so amazing. Instead of the usual talks before the baptism we had a short testimony meeting. It was so amazing and the spirit was so strong. The baptism was beautiful. Richard did it!!! After we asked him how he felt and he said so good! Amazing. He overcame so much fear and chose faith!! After the baptism he told us that he wanted to go shake everyone’s hands that came and he did. It is amazing to see how the gospel truly does change people and helps them overcome their fear when they choose to have faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

YAY FOR BIKES!!! We have now ridden our bikes twice!!! yay! I love it – s. dye can’t imagine why people go through so much pain to just ride a bike. (we were very saddle sore) haha I will send some pictures.

There has been a cold front here all week and I actually was shivering here in Florida!! Who would have thought that 70 degree weather would make this girl shiver but in my defense it was humid dark and windy.

It is horse country here in Davie. We have seen a lot of horses and jumping courses as we have been on our bikes and been to some different places in our area. Mom I think you would love davie – you could ride all year long!

the roaches here are crazy. they are everywhere. haha we were in a lesson with Marcos – a recent convert and a big one came out from under some boxes. S. Dye jumped and Marcos did too. I was too busy worrying about the ants crawling up my legs to notice. anyway the rest of the lesson marcos kept looking over in the corner. He turned to us and said “I’m a scardy too, casue you can’t control those things!!!” hahaha I wish you all could meet marcos! He is so funny and amazing.

We have met some amazing people this week and are working with some amazing families!!! I love everyone and want them all to feel the joy I feel in living the gospel. Sometimes it is easy to get overwhelmed by everyones’ needs and troubles but then I remember that the Lord truly is in charge and is the master orcastrater and all I can do is look outside myself and serve and I know that somehow, someway it will all work out. I love this gospel so much.

We knocked on Tami’s door and she said she was too busy for us. My companion testified to her that we were sent here by Jesus Christ. Sister Tuai conitinued to testify and we were able to pray with her on her doorstep. After the blessing I paused before opening my mouth and asked Heavenly Father to give me the words to say to Tami. I testified to Tami in a way I had never testified before and Tami started to cry. S. Tuai (we were on exchanges btw) invited her to be baptized and also testified. It was amazing to see the Spirit testify to Tami’s heart of the truthfulness of our message and of Heavenly Father’s love for her. Tami is now preparing to be baptized the last week of this month! I love harvesting so much. It is amazing to be the tools in the Lord’s hands to testify to these people’s heart’s.

I love Jacob 5 – the allegory of the tame and wild olive trees. There are some incredible promises found in verses 70-76. The Lord has called us to His great work in South Florida and these are the last days – he is truly hastening his work in this “last time…for the end is nigh at hand, and the season speedily cometh.” (vs71) The laborers in the vineyard went out and labored with all their mind, might heart and strength, they did obey the commandments of the Lord in all things, and they did labor with all diligence. They worked along side the Lord of the vineyard. They were his representatives – he was with them. Because they did this they did find “much joy in the fruit” and “the natural branches began to thrive and grow exceedingly.” I know that as I go out into the vineyard of South Florida and as I labor with all diligence and all my heart, might, mind, and strength that I will be working along side the Lord and I will find those who are prepared like Tami and Ronny and his family. There are amazing things happening in these last days of the harvest and I am going to everything to be a worthy and able tool in the Lord’s hands.

I love missionary work. I am so thankful for the miracles that are happening here in Davie. I know that faith, hope, charity, diligence, obedience and humility are what qualify me for the work and that as I have those the Lord will work through me to touch the lives of all those I meet. I love you all so much!!! I love hearing from all of you!


Sister Stegelmeier


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