Many More Miracles.

My dearest Family

I love missionary work so much. I am so thankful I am here in Ft Lauderdale serving at this time, especially here in Davie. I love the people so much and am so thankful that I can invite them all to come unto Christ through baptism.

It has been a freezing temperature of 60ish degrees here in the mornings. I have become a softy… I don’t know how I will ever handle the cold again. hahaha that is a joke. but I can’t believe that I get cold at 60 degrees now. Crazy.

John, Ethan, Bella and Catia all were baptized this week!!! It was amazing!! John and ethan were baptized on tuesday and bella and catia were baptized yesterday. I love them all so much and it is amazing to see how they are setting the exmple for their families in coming into the fold of Christ.

Davie is amazing. Such an incredible ward. They have all grown and changed so much even since I came here. I am so thankful I get to serve here. I love it.

This week we saw some incredible miracles. It is amazing to see how the Lord prepares families and idividuals to recieve his gospel and then guides us to them just at the right time.

We had a member out with us on Friday and we took her harvesting. She was so nervous to go “tracking” we said oh don’t you worry we don’t tract here in Ft Lauderdale. We harvest! We are so excited to show you how we have found all of the incredible people you have met. The first trailer we went to no one was home and the second would not let us pray with them. As we walked to the third there was a little girl who had been listening to us testify to her neighbors. She said ‘wanna come pray with us?’ we said of course. We blessed their home and invited them to be baptized and come to church. The dad was hesitant but the kids accepted without question. We scheduled a return appointment for the next day with the whole family. Bethanne (the member) was amazed. We continued harvesting and were able to bless 2 more families. It was amazing to see her faith grow with each harvest blessing and her desire to do missionary work increase.

We returned to teach the family we blessed with Bethanne on Saturday. We invited them to church and it was amazing to see how the little girl Jonalis’s desire helped soften her parents hearts. They came to church and loved it they are all going to be baptized next week. We have been teaching a lot of families and I am begining to understand why Christ uses little children to teach us all throughout the Book of Mormon. The children get it. 4 whole families in Davie have now come unto Jesus Christ because of their children’s desire to be baptized the minute they feel the Spirit. They are helping their parents see the blessings and overcome their fear.

We went to teach Sue last night with a member. We could not do this work without our members. Sue has been working to overcome alot of fear to be baptized. She doesn’t think she is ready. Her boys were baptized last tuesday and she is ready to be baptized so we wanted to set her with a solid date this week. Trish testified to her about her conversion to the gospel and about how she wished that she wouldn’t have waited. They I testified to her and told her about a personal experience I had about running a triatholon. We then opened to Moroni 7:33-34. While she read this scripture the Spirit was super strong. We invited her to be baptized this week. She accepted and is going to be baptized this Friday!!! She then prayed to ask Heavenly Father to help her feel ready and confident in herself. It was so amazing to see how the Spirit worked through each of us to open her heart.

I am so thankful for all of these experiences and all of the incredible people we meet each day. I love this work and this gospel so much. It has changed my heart for ever. It is amazing to see that truly when we lose ourselves in the service of others we find ourselves.

The Angel Moroni was put on top of the Temple last week. We have a lot a work to do to prepare for this great blessing from the Lord. This can be a wonderful standard to our bringing souls to Christ, and help link them to the eternities..

I love you all. I love hearing from you. You letters and emails bring me so much joy!! Chelsey I laughed on the floor for like an hour reading you letter – so amazing. I wish I had more time to tell all of you everything… gah!!! So amazing, so funny, so miraculus all the time.

I love you with all my heart forever,
Sister Stegelmeier


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