Another Wonderful Week of Learning

My dearest loved ones:

  • My address for my entire mission is:
  • Sister Crishelle Stegelmeier
  • Florida Ft Lauderdale Mission
  • 7951  SW 6th St. Ste 110
  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33324-3211

First of all Brandon got baptized!!! YAH!! Another one of Heavenly Father’s precious children have entered into the gate. It is amazing to see the differences that have come over the Rodriguez family as they have come unto Christ. Amazing.

So I have decided that I never ever want to be comfortable. Not now not ever. So awesome because it is out of our comfort zones that we grow and learn. When we are being stretched and grown we learn. Though growing comes with growing pains (Brayden – my bro. knows what I’m talking about) it always brings happiness and joy as we progress and learn. It would be so boring to be comfortable. Missionary work is the best way to get out of our comfort zones. I am not just talking about full time missionary service but sharing the gospel: faith, repentance, baptism (covenants), and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, with anyone and everyone. This is what Christ did! This is how we overcome our natural man. We all need healing and we won’t find it in our comfort zones – we will find it as we serve and follow Christ’s example.

It has been a week of learning and faith building here in Davie. 🙂 It is amazing to see how the Lord uses us to touch the lives of those around us as we are willing and how we must continually keep focused on our purpose as missionaries so that we do not become distracted by opposition.

We were early for an appointment with one of our dates earlier this week so we decided to harvest. We set out to find a prepared person ready to accept the gospel. We knocked on Gloria’s door. When we told her who we were she let us in. As we said the a prayer with her I could feel the spirit testify of the truthfullness of our message. After the prayer I testified of Jesus Christ as her Savior and Redeemer and felt the love that he had for her. She started to cry and accepted baptism without question. It was incredible to see the spirit speaking to her heart as we testified and challenged.

While reading in Moroni 9-10 I was reminded of the importance of inviting all to come unto Christ and be made whole through Him. Moroni has seen the destruction of his people and has been chased by the Lamanites for years. He ends his book by testifying of the Savior and continuing to invite all to come unto Christ. No matter what opposition comes up or how many of the battles Satan might win, I know that as I continue to invite all to Come unto Christ and testify and challenge all will be overcome. We had a lot of baptisms not go through for many different reasons but mostly because of fear. We will not lose the war and we will win the next battle through faith, hope and charity. I am here to “preach nothing save it were repentance” (Mosiah 18:20) and as we do so with faith, hope and charity, hearts will be opened to the testimony of the Spirit and people will come unto Chhrsit and be made whole through His atonement as they are baptized. All can truly be overcome through Christ and His elect will be baptized unto repentance. I am so thankful for Moroni and the sons of Mosiah. I am especially thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – for it is with Him that we overcome all things and lay hold on the glory of God.

This week we had an investigator struggling to understand the Book of Mormon. I opened to 3 Nephi 14:7 “ask and it shall be given you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.” As we read this scripture you could see understanding come across her face as she felt the spirit testify to her that the answers she was looking for were only a question away. I love the Book of Mormon. It truly is a wonderful tool to open peoples hearts the the testimony of the Spirit.

The Doctrine of Christ is truly for everyone. It is the only way that any of us can change, grow and overcome. It is how we build a strong foundation in Christ. It is through faith, repentence, baptism (the sacrament), and recieving the Holy Ghost that we overcome the natural man and yield to the Lord. It is through our faith and obedience that we find and baptize His elect. I love missionary work and am so thankful for this opportunity to serve.

I love you all so much! I love the pictures you emailed me mom. ❤ Thank you. I would love to hear about how everyone is doing.

love you with all my heart,
Sister Stegelmeier


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