Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

Check out the ‘stash glasses – stellar!!

My dear loved ones,

Ah! I love you all so much. This has been such an incredible week. Conference was so amazing. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE NEW MISSIONARY AGE!!!!!!!! I think everyone should go on a mission and this new age will open the door for so many more people to go. yay!!! Chelsey wow – so awesome (I hope you get called here to FT Lauderdale – The best mission in the world!!) I love conference so much. I learned so much.

It has been yet again another miracle filled week here in Davie. It is so incredible to be able to be apart of this great work at this time. It is amazing to see how the Lord prepares both us and those who are ready to be baptized.

While we were out with a member we had a couple families we wanted her to meet. Sadly none of them were home. so we decided to drive to the other side of the trailer park as we were driving we saw a man pushing his car down the street in the rain all alone. We quickly parked the car and jumped out to help him. He resisted at first but as we testified and just kept pushing his car his heart softened. When we arrived at his house we told him who we were and asked if we could pray with him and his family. (this is a house that for some reason we had skipped the week earlier when we harvested that street.) They let us right in. When we told his wife about the prayer she just started to cry. We said the prayer with them and the spirit was so strong. There was great peace in the before very troubling circumstances. As we testified I could see the peace and hope growing within each person in the family. when we came back they all accepted baptism and told us that the day before (the day we blessed them) they had decided to get a divorce but now they finally felt the peace and hope they were looking for. They accepted baptism and their marriage is saved because we stopped to help a man pushing his car in the pouring rain. It is amazing to see how the Lord directs us to people when they are ready.

While studying this week in Ether I was struck at how the faith of even one person can influence and change a whole nation. Our faith is so important as we go out to harvest and teach. This week we stirved to Harvest to Baptize not just to get the numbers. It was amazing to see as we set out with the faith to find those who would accept baptism we did. Almost everyone we blessed accepted baptism. I love harvesting so much. It is through our faith that miracles are made manifest.

Faith, repentance, covenant making and keeping, and recieving the holy ghost is what brings about conversion for all of us. So amazing. I felt like that was a centeral message in conference.

Our investigators are all doing so well. It is so fun to watch them all learn and grow. Their faith is growing and we are going to have some amazing baptisms this week. My favorite part of missionary work is seeing the change that comes over people as they accept and live the gospel in their lives. Both member and nonmember a like.

I am so thankful to be apart of the Lord’s work here in South Florida. I know that this is where he would have me serve. I am excited to see what the future will hold for I know that the future is as bright as my faith. There are and will continue to be many great miracles as we continue to have faith and be obedient.

I Love you all so much and look forward to hearing from you,

Sister Stegelmeier



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