Baptizin in the Florida Sun – We love Davie!!

My dear loved ones,

Wow is all I can say. There have been so many miracles this week in Davie. So amazing. I am really seeing the blessings of being obedient and always striving to serve the Lord with all my heart might mind and soul.

You asked about what we do on a typical day… well we wake up at 6:30, exercise (as long as I don’t pray too long…) get ready for the day and eat breakfast. then we have personal study from 8-9. companionship study from 9-10. training (I am still a nubster) from 10-11. Language from 11-12. Lunch then we go out and serve unless we have other meetings. We go to appointments and knock on doors for most of our time. We have a lot of investigators and people to see so I always feel like there is not enough time in the day. We sometimes have dinner appointments with the members which is so fun because then we get to know them more. 🙂  We are home at 9 usually exhausted and ready to jump into bed. We plan for the next day tilll 9:30 and then spend the next hour laughing, writing in our journal, talking, eating, reading, basically whatever we want (its a nice feature) and then are in bed by 10:30! Then we start it all over again! It is great 🙂

Did I mention I love my companion – she is so amazing. I learn so much from Sister Dye everyday.

Maria got baptized this week!!! It was the most amazing baptism (they all are). She is so beautiful and was so excited to get baptized. We love her so much. I played the piano for the baptism. it was great other than I kept getting bored in the middle of songs and messing up super bad… then my face would go bright red. It was a good time. Maybe one day I wont blush but for now it happens all the time. haha oh well. tell dean he was right I wish I had practiced the piano more in high school… but it is all good because I make it through and somehow they all love it.

We had a zone harvest this week and we had to move our schedule around to be able to harvest at that time. We did and we met Sue and her wonderful family. Sue had just gotten home from work and we caught her at just the right time. Amazing. We prayed with her and her son and invited them to be baptized they said yes. We came back and were able to teach Sue and her 3 boys they all came to church and LOVED it!!! They cannot wait to be baptized. 🙂

While reading in Mormon I was again reminded of the importance of faith hope and charity. I was shocked by the gruesomeness of the destruction of the Nephite nation. But through it all Mormon kept the faith. He served them to the end of his days. When the battles were over and there were only 24 nephites left he gazed accross the destruction and cried “O ye fair ones…” Though he saw them in all their wickedness he continued to press forward with faith, hope and charity. He mourned their wickedness and declared to them the redemtion that comes through the Savior. It was a big reminder to me that each person I meet no matter what they are going though is a son or daughter of God and is only about 1 year away from recieving all the blessings of eternity. Mormon is my hero for being able to serve with all his mind, might and strength.

Our investigators are doing amazing. John has been stuggling with beer. We testified, promised blessings, a member shared her experience with the word of wisdom, we shared Moroni 7:33 about if ye have faith ye shall have power to do whatsoever is expedient in me, and asked him to pray. For the frist time he started to really rely on the Lord and not think he had to do this on his own. It was amazing. We are so excited for him to be baptized next week.

Davie is incredible. We love it so much. The members and people here are so amazing. We are on a steady upward course and we will keep the faith.

I love you all so much!

Sister Stegelmeier


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