Another week of amazing learning and growth in Florida!

Wow Florida is amazing – it begining to cool down a little bit and not rain quite as much but other than that it still feels like it is July not September. It is hard to believe that it is starting to turn fall back home…

I have been learning so much this week. I didn’t think I could learn this much this fast ever! 🙂

This week I was reminded the importance of diligence and steadfastness. We have been working very hard to reach standards in every key indicator and to be balanced in all things for the past couple weeks. This week I relaxed a little. I was not as diligent as I could have been and I did not steadfastly rely on and look to the Lord in all things. As we were driving home last night we realized that we were a blessing short of standards and the areas where we were working on did not improve. We did not reach our goals. My heart ached. I knew that this was an opportunity to learn. I felt like the people of King Benjamin who “veiwed themselves in their own carnal state, even less than the dust of the earth…” In recognizing this I desired to turn to the Lord for help and strength to overcome my weaknesses and do better. I wanted this to be a learning experience and an opportunity to “apply the atoning blood of Christ that [I] may recieve forgiveness of [my] sins, and [my heart] may be purified.” (Mosiah 4:2) I am so thankful for this opportunity to really look inward. I am going to be more accountable, more diligent, and more steadfast this week, so that I may be purified through Christ and recieve and take part in all the blessings and miracles he has for Davie.

We have been working with Ray as often as his heath permits. He has cancer and wants to be baptized, be filled with peace and know that he is going to heaven. We were prompted to share 3 Ne 9:13-15 with him. It was incredible to watch Ray’s countenace change as he relized that all the blessings and peace of the Savior are his as he repents and comes to the Savior through baptism. He loves the Book of Mormon and can’t wait to be baptized.

We had not been able to get back into contact with a member referal this week. We had blessed the family late last week but because of family craziness that was going on we hadn’t been able to contact them. We also wanted to have Tyler (the member who referred them) there so he could help us get them to church. We were about to leave to go home Saturday night and we saw Luretta. She was just getting out of the van. We walked over and she came and gave us a big hug. We started talking to her about church and right then Tyler jumps out of her van! Followed by Ryan and Rosy! It was so wonderful all of them were there. They all came to church yesterday and Tyler got to be a missionary with us. It was amazing. We are so excited to teach them this week and help prepare them for baptism.

It is so amazing to be able to be apart of this wonderful work. I love it so much. 🙂 I love finding joy in every part of this incredible journey. Heavenly Father knows each one of us so well. We had been having a really rough day, I was having a hard time not getting discouraged. We went to a lunch appointment with the Holmsteads – they are so amazing. We were talking about all things awesome at lunch like the gospel, skiing, the gospel, skydiving, the gospel, boating, the gospel, and other adventurous things 🙂 Brother Holmstead asked me if I was the skier who grided on the rails and such and I replied “nope I am not a big fan of trailer parks…” everyone looked at me super confused. I was like what then I realized that I said “trailer parks” instead of “terrain parks” my face went bright red. Like as red as it gets. hahaha this missionary stuff is getting to me (I have spent the last 2 months in a trailer park in my defence…) anyway we laughed for a while but it was an answer to my prayers to have a second to laugh remember why I am here and laugh some more. See even embarrassing moments can be huge blessings! Who knew?!?!

I love missionary work so much. It surprizes me how natural it feels to share the gospel with everyone I meet. I am so thankful for the incredible miracles and the difficult times because they both give me an opportunity to turn to the Lord. Davie is the best! I love Sister Dye so much. She is an incredible trainer – I have learned so much from her and her example.

love you with all my heart!!!

Sister Stegelmeier

PPS I love you all my dear family! I can’t wait to hear from you soon 🙂 I am cheering for you all from here. play hard Suzy Weston and Brayden but more importantly have so much fun!


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