Keep on Keepin on!!

Ft Lauderdale Temple Being Built ‘Yipee’

Crishelle drinking Hot Chocolate, this one is for you Chelsey

Sister Dye and I

We don’t see these where I come from.

Crishelle with a ground breaking shovel for the Ft Lauderdale Temple


My dearest wonderful family (and friends),

Missionary work is the best. No questions asked. 🙂 I love everything about it – it is such a privilege to be able to take part in the Lords great work. We have seen many miracles this week as week continue to press forward seeking to “immerse ourselves in obedience.” We don’t want any weak spots like Mr. Weak-Ankle-Achilles, so we are going to do everything we can to be 100% obedient.

There is great power in having member present lessons. The lessons we have members at always go 100% better. Our ward is really starting to see the importance of missionary work and their faith is growing. It is wonderful to help them have experiences and watch them become more and more converted. The best is when they testify to the investigators and then start building those relationships with them. I love it!

We were teaching Liz and her family this week and I asked Liz what blessing she has seen since meeting with us and following the commandments. She lit up. She said it is crazy my circumstances haven’t changed at all but I have felt peaceful and good about it all. As she continued to explain I thought of Mosiah 24:12-16. We opened up to it and they each took turns reading a verse. I then testified that I new that Heavenly Father was giving her the strength she needed to keep moving forward as she was following his commandments. It was awesome to see her make the connection in her mind and watch her eyes light up even more. She and her family are so excited to get baptized they cannot wait to be washed clean and recieve the Holy Ghost.

I have been observing the differences in the progress of our investigators and what the difference is between them. Helaman 3:35 really stood out to me and helped me understand the difference a little more. Those who “yeild their hearts unto God” are “[purified]” and “[sanctified].” As we are worthy of the spirit and are worth representatives of Jesus Christ (we yeild our h

earts unto God) and testify and challenge, we open their hearts to the testimony of the Spirit. They have the choice to accept the spirit and yeild their hearts to God rather than to the adversary. There can be many things in the way of them yeilding but as they continue to keep their commitments and repent the light inside of them grows. When they don’t the light doesn’t and they don’t progress. I loved how this scripture applied to both us as missionaries and our investigators. We must always yeild to God and come unto Christ through faith, repentance, baptism (or the sacrament), recieving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. This is how we change and grow no matter where we are on the path.

It is incredible to see each and everyday how Heavenly Father uses us to carry out His work here in Davie. Sometimes we have a hard time as appointment after appointment falls through and we are so tired, but as we continually turn to him and lean on him for our strength and seek to do His work, He guides and directs us. We meet prepared people like Ray, who has been humbled and prepared through battling cancer and wants to know how he can be prepared to go to Heaven. There are so many people here that are prepared. I want to do all I can to be prepared to invited them to come unto Christ.

This week is Sister Dye’s birthday so of course we are going to celebrate it as much as possible. haha don’t worry no parties or anything crazy but I love having the excuse to celebrate her and make her feel so special. She is such an amazing trainer – I have learned so much from her. (also we have her converted to BYU-I!! Rexburg better watch out!)

It is amazing to find joy in this incredible journey and realize that I am still me. I can be 100% obedient and still be 100% me. As I come closer to the Savior and lose my life in the service of others I find that somehow crazily I find myself and I am a whole lot happier. It is awesome!! I don’t know how anyone in this life makes it through without the gospel – actually they don’t really. That is why I want to share the little that I know about it with EVERYONE!! They all need it! They all have so much shame in the way of them really reaching their potential and feeling the love of Heavenly Father. It is crazy.

I can’t believe that I somehow am priviledged and blessed to be here in South Florida sharing the gospel with these incredible people. Heavenly Father sure does know us. He knows each one of us and gives us the experiences we need to grow. It is so fun to watch everyone, including myself, learn and grow a little more each day. There are so many incredible people in this world. As we turn to the Savior we experience real growth and we can climb mountains.

I love my Trainer – Sister Dye!! P-day

I love you all! I would love to hear about all of your lives – you are all wonderful.

love,  Sister Stegelmeier

PS Did I mention that I am so thankful to have the best family in the world?!?! I love your letters that I am getting – they make me laugh for days. I am cheering for you all here in Florida and I love talking about you all to everyone I can. 🙂

PPS ok some pictures: dang it now I don’t remember which ones I attached in what order… whatevs ok there is one with s.dye and I talking to one of our investigators, one of me drinking hot chocolate in FL (for you chels), one with me and the ground breaking shovel for the temple and i dont know what the other one is now. oh and one of the cutest ducks you have ever seen in your life!


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