Week of miracles and humor

My dearest and most fantastic family!! (and friends of course)

I cannot tell you enough of how much I love missionary work and Southern Florida. It is a whole new world down here but I love it so much.

Wow it has been an incredible week full of so many miracles.

In the Book of Mormon this week I was reading in Alma 46, when Moroni raises the Title of Liberty. As I prayerfully studied this chapter things stood out to me that never have before. I noticed that the entire nephite nation rent their coats and entered into a covenant with God “that they would not forsake the Lord their God; or, in other words, if they should transgress the commandments of God, or fall into transgression, and be ashamed to take upon them the name of Christ, the Lord should rend them even as they had rent their garments.” (Alma 46:21) They were completely united in and committed to the “the cause of the Christians.” They were not ashamed of their testimonies. As they prepared and followed the commands of Moroni they were able to prepare for battle greater than the Lamanites could have ever imagined. Their cities were now fortifications that could not be penetrated. This is the kind of missionary I aspire to be. I will not be ashamed (2 Tim 1:8) to represent my Lord and Savior because I will follow the commandments and be obedient in all things. This will enable me to have power as I testify and challenge and we will see even more miracles in Davie.

While teaching Clara the law of Chastity. She was nervous about moving forward and finding a solution with Maurice. While she told me of her concerns I thought of a scripture in Moroni 7:33 in which, Christ says: “If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me.” I read her that scripture and asked her if she had faith in Christ. She tearfully nodded yes. Then I asked her if she believed that the law of chastity is a commandment of God. Again yes. Then I asked what Christ said. She said “He will give me the ability to talk to Maurice.” I said “Yes he will Clara – he loves you and is always just a prayer away.” It was incredible to see how the Book of Mormon testified to her heart that she was not alone – God would help her as she showed him that she is willing to follow his commandments. We also were able to teach Maurice the same lesson yesterday by himself and yesterday they talked and have decided to put God first and live the law of chastity and pray to know how to work things out for her to get her divorce and them to move forward with marriage. It is incredible to watch their faith in Christ grow and testimonies grow as they keep their commitments and prepare to be baptized.

Sisters Dye and Andrus went on exchanges last Friday, so Sister Johnson and I were companions for the day. I loved it. I missed Sister Dye and was nervous about driving around South Florida for the first time ever, but I learned so much from Sister Johnson. I learned so much about how to show love through service. We were able to bless a Hatian woman because S. Johnson insisted on helping her with her groceries. I also learned the importance and power of simple pure testimony. Going on exchanges with Sister Johnson helped me open my eyes to things that I had not seen and also helped me find areas that I could improve in that I had not seen before with Sister Dye. Though I loved the exchange it was wonderful to be reunited with Sister Dye. She is so amazing. I am so thankful she is my trainer – I learn so much from her.

We are really starting to get things moving with the members. It is amazing. This week we were able to meet with Brother King and another one of the ward missionaries. We also caught Bishop after church. During these meetings we were able to disscuss and plan how to unite our efforts with the ward. We have some big plans that will take some time to get implemented but as they do Davie Ward will be a missionary work minded ward. I am amazed at how the Lord works to help his servants in all callings stretch and grow. Davie is an incredible area full of incredible people and we are so excited to unite our efforts more fully with the ward so we can take the work to the “next level.”

Ok for a couple funny moments:

We were teaching our investigator Maria and her grandson Francesco was over playing. Francesco wanted to talk the whole time and we were having a hard time teaching a lesson. So s. Dye asked him to say a prayer. He was like yeah! I will pray I already know how! we said great you pray for us. So he put his hands together just like you do at the end of yoga, closed his eyes and then started saying the Pledge of Alligence. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen – I could not help but laugh. Maria was laughing with me (we were laughing as silently as possible haha). Poor Sister dye was trying to figure out how to stop him and teach him. After the Pledge we taught him how to pray and all went well but I will never forget that. So great!

Also we were knocking on doors one night around 8 and we started talking to a man on the other side of the door. this is how the conversation went.

-Who is it?

-The Missionaries

-What do you want?

-To say a pray with you from Jesus Christ

-No I am trying to quit – leave me alone.

(I had a hard time not laughing while I said..) -I know this prayer will help you quit so can we say it with you.

sadl he did not open the door and let us pray with him, but I definately have not heard that excuse for not wanting to pray with us before and it made me laugh. 🙂

I love you all! I would love to hear from you more but I understand that life is crazy. I hope everything is going well with school starting, horses, football and all. Happy Birthday Dad!! 🙂 Hope you got your present in decent condition…

I love missionary work so much. I am loving the work and eager to learn and progress so that I can be a more effective and efficient missionary and worthy representative of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Sister Stegelmeier


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