Rain Rain Rain

My dearest family – oh how I love you all!!

What a wild, crazy and miracle week we have had here in Davie! We have learned much and seen many miracles. Though there are many instances when it is easy to choose fear and discouragement over faith, time and time again experiences show that power comes through choosing faith.

So there was this crazy storm – you might have heard of it – its name was Isaac. Haha well everyone was pretty worried about it. They canceled church except for the sacrament. After church and baptisms we were to go home and stay in our apartments till we got more information. It was crazy – so much rain. The wind wasn’t bad though, just lots and lots of rain. Anyway we stayed in our apartments all day Sunday and Monday till about five. We stayed productive by making cookies, reading the scriptures, building a fort, reading Jesus the Christ, role playing and watching Mountain of the Lord. It was fun but I missed missionary work like crazy. It was a relief to get back to work yesterday.

This last week we had 10 member present lessons lined up this last week and all of them fell through but one. I realised how easy it is to become discouraged. I remembered what we learned in Zone Conference about turning to the Savior and relying on his grace – the enabling power of the Atonement. I also as I was studying in the Book of Mormon I read Alma 26:12. Ammon is one of the most incredible missionaries ever. This scripture reminded me that it was not through his power and wisdom that he converted and baptized many it was through God’s. It is my desire to be like Ammon and fully rely on the Lord and submit my will to his. This is his work.

It is incredible to harvest and see how the Spirit and Atonement soften peoples hearts and awaken their desires – it is truely how to find those who are prepared. Last night we met a man named Eric, he was so excited to pray with us. Before we had the chance to say the prayer with him he told us his conversion to God and how God had intervened in his life. It was incredible to hear that story and testify to him that God had helped him a “bad man” become “good” and that this is the way for him to become “better.” His eyes lit up – he knew what we said was true. As we testified and invited him to be baptized he knew that this is the way. We are very excited to meet with Eric today and help prepare him and his family for baptism.

Heavenly Father knows and loves us each so much. He sent his son Jesus Christ to atone for us so that we could overcome the bonds of physical and spiritual death. It is amazing to think how much he loves each one of us that he would take on all our sins, mistakes, shortcomings, pains, afflictions, and everything so that we can return to live with our Father in Heaven. As a missionary it is incredible to see how the Spirit is the teacher and we are just the testifiers. This is His work. We have the privilege to be apart of it! How lucky are we as members of this church!?!? We each took on Chirst’s name when we were baptized and a charge to act as he would act. When we do this and renew this covenant each week through the sacrament we grow and progress. We are filled with his Spirit more fully and we can share this message with more people. The gospel has blessed my life so much. This is why I want to share it with every person I see. I want them to fill of the joy that I feel because Jesus Christ lives, Heavenly Father loves them, and the Spirit can show them the way.

I am so thankful everyday that I have the privilege to serve a mission as a representative of my Savior Jesus Christ in the Fort Lauderdale Florida Mission. This truely is the best mission in the world. I am humbled that I get to be a part of all the miracles that happened everyday.

I love you all so much!! Have a wonderful week. I love getting your letters – they brighten my day so much.

Love you forever!

Sister Stegelmeier

PS I will attach some pictures 🙂 I am trying to be better at taking pictures more often. The last one is the temple!!! YAY! It is going to be a beautiful temple we are so exctied about it!!








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