Come Come Ye Saints

Wow this week has been incredible. I don’t have a ton of time this week but I am going to attach pictures as well. I haven’t been the best at taking pictures but I will send a couple from the MTC and also from the baptism yesterday.

Yes you read right we had our first baptism of the transfer yesterday!!! It was amazing. Tyler is 16 and we found him and his dad through harvesting. His dad is struggling with the word of wisdom, but Tyler has jumped into the gospel and the chruch with both feet. It was so incredible to watch him be baptized yesterday. The ward was essential in fellowshipping Tyler – we could not have done it without them. I played the piano for Tyler’s baptism – the first time I have played for anyone in a really long time. It was a miracle we made it through all the songs we sang ūüôā

Aside from Tyler we are also teaching Maurice and Clara. They are incredible. They came to church yesterday with us and loved it. They commented in class and really felt the spirit. I am so excited to continue teaching them. They still need to be married but they have a huge desire to really change their lives and start fresh – what better way to do that than to be baptized? They have 10 kids between the 2 of them and we are hoping to start teaching them as well. It is going to be a fantastic week.

I have come to the conclusion that I no longer know if there are any normal people in the world. haha! I love knocking on doors here in Florida – you never know who is going to open the door. Never. It is a kick in the shorts. So funny! I am learning spanish and did my first Spanish approach – it was amazing. The words just came out of my mouth. We have also been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish after lunch. I have decided that spanish is a beautiful language. Everything I kindof learned through all the playing we did in Spanish class in high school is coming back and I look forward to meeting more spanish people. Thankfully we don’t teach in Spanish and Sister Dye is fluent because after I say my little approach I recognize about 5 words and then they lose me. It is crazy.

Ah! I want everyone to hear our message and be baptized. This gospel is so incredible. It is heartbreaking when so many people hear your message and say no. It is also scary when people threaten to call the cops on you if you don’t leave the building. I refuse to be fearful though because just like the Sons of Mosiah I am here to invite all people everywhere to come unto Christ. Fear and faith don’t mix. “Come come ye saints” (hymn 30) says it so well. “Fresh courage take, our god will never us forsake.” He is there always – we can always turn to Him. He is the way.

We had Zone Conference this week. It was amazing. President and Sister Anderson are truly called of God to lead this mission. They inspire me! It is incredible. I have been asking Heavenly Father a lot of questions on how to be a more effective missionary and how we can gain the trust of the members. Zone conference answered all of those questions! It was awesome!! Last month we had 141 baptisms in out mission, but now we are going to take it to the next level. We will do this as we unite our efforts with the members and turn to the Savior and use the enabling power of the Atonement. I am so excited! Obedience is key to us recieving blessings. I love 1 ne 7:17-18. It is my desire to be more like Nephi, to pray for the strength I need to succeed and serve.

I love you all. Have a wonderful week.

Sister Stegelmeier


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