Week two in the MTC

I didn’t know it was possible to learn so much in such a short time.  We met our Branch Presidency, they are so wonderful, so full of love.  They challenged us to read the Book of Mormon entirely during our stay at the MTC, learn the lessons, and love our companions.  Then thy pulled me aside and asked me to be the coordinating sister for the branch. wow. I have a new respect for Relief Society  presidents.  it is an honor to serve these sisters and tominister and lead like the Savior.  I guess it could only get better and there is so much to learn.  We have been focusing on the Doctrine of Christ and how it ties into our purpose as missionaries (they are the same thing!) it is so awesome.  I love this work!

We got our travel plans on last Thursday – it all became that much more real then. Sister Bagley and I fly out on next Tuesday morning at 6 am! We are flying american airlines and flying through fort worth texas. The layover in Texas will not be very long so I will call you bright and early on Tuesday morning from the airport. I can’t wait to hear your voices 🙂 We will arrive in Fort Lauderdale around 2 and spend the day at the mission home. I am very excited with a side of butterflies thinking about it. I still find it hard to believe that I am on a mission. ha

Well this week has been an interesting one. To say the least when I imagined being in the MTC – I never in my wildest dreams saw this coming. So many miracles. The Lord truly loves us and knows us individually. There is nothing like doing His work. I have been sick all week. (I know! The nerve! I never get sick and right when I want and need the most energy I get nailed!) It is a cold of sorts that is sitting right in my throat and causing me to cough all the time. I asked for a blessing tuesday night and it helped a lot, but I resisted going to the doctor for till last Thursday. I was sure there was nothing he could tell me to help me that was even possible – there is far to much to do here to be slowed down by a silly cold. I was chastised by the Branch presidency and all their wives. I humbled myself and went to the doctor first thing on Thursday. (Mom, you will be so proud of me – I have been using essential oils like never before! They have helped me so much this week). Sister Bagley has been taking very good care of me – she is a rockstar. It got a little better but my voice was suffering and I was coughing all the time. I also started sleeping a little better which helped SOOOO much.

Friday was rough. Sister Bagley was distracted all day, I was sick. Our first lesson with Debi went so well! The Spirit was so strong and we prayed with her during the lesson. It was amazing. After dinner we had another 3 hour class and lesson with our investigator Chantha. This is where things got very hard. The lesson was bad. Crash and burn. I broke down after class was over. (Boys please be very careful and even prayerful when deciding whether or not to ask a girl if she is ok). It all came rushing out. I was tired and worn out. I have never wanted a hug so much in my life and the branch president’s wife told no one to hug me because I was sick. I couldn’t believe it. That night I poured my heart out to Heavenly Father as I fell asleep that night I felt encircled about by so much love. It was incredible.

Ok I am running out of time. Basically I have learned more about the Atonement, what missionary work is really about, what it means to truly represent the Lord Jesus Christ, how to listen to the Spirit, the Lord’s tender mercies, and how much we each are truly loved and known by the Lord and Heavenly Father than I would have ever thought possible in a week. “There is no accidents.” Sister Bagley and I were meant to be companions – I love her dearly. What it all comes down to is all we have to do obey the commandments, say our prayers night and morning, keep our covenants, and be good boys and good girls and the Lord will guide us. We will be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. I testify that the Lord lives and loves us. This is His work and His gospel. This is the way back.

I love you all!!  Sister Stegelmeier


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