One Week in the MTC

Wow. I wish I could think of a better word to describe this week. Every night when we finally get to our beds and I write in my journal it is the word that just seems to describe the day. The MTC is incredible. It is better, harder, more focused, more intense, more spiritual, and more fun than I had even anticipated. Somehow the days seem to last forever but it seems like yesterday we were on East Canyon waterskiing. I feel like we are on the Church History Trip again eating all you can eat whatever at every meal! I wish the food didn’t look so good all the time, but I am a gib fan of the salad and wrap bar.

My district is AWESOME!! We have so much fun and learn SOOOO much together. There are 4 Elders and 4 Sisters, we are the only 4 sisters in the Branch/Zone. Sister Bagley is my companion – she is the sweetest ever, just what I needed in a first companion. We get along wonderfully and she tries to get me to slow down long enough to take care of myself. I have learned so much about really reaching out and caring about the people we are teaching instead of shoving the doctrine I think they need down their throuts. I love her so much and am so thankful for her. Sister Bezzant and Sister Clegg are the other companionship – I absolutely love them. Sister Clegg is from Mallory’s home ward and she knows Cassidy, and Carly, we have a good time exchanging stories. Sister Bezzant is pretty shy but she has this sense of humor that cracks me up!!! I am by far the loudest of the group but we all laugh and make it all enjoyable together. The Elders are awesome – they are definately 19 year old boys. Haha I really enjoy listening to the their conversations amoungst themselves especially at meals – they are always making me laugh!

We started teaching on day 3 – it was a complete disaster but we all learned so much. It is not about me! I am not here serving for recognition or glory in myself. I am here to invite others to come to Christ and teach according to their needs. Wow I am so full of pride. I have had to really let go and let God. I thought I had that figured out, but nope, not even close.

Everyone told us that if we could make it to Sunday – it would be smooth sailing. I think they are lying nothing has changed but I know more of what to expect and how to manage the stress of all that is asked of us. I am not a big fan of being cooped up all day in the classrooms. It is so beautiful outside and I want to roll around in the grass all the time. Then I remember why I am here and again this is not about me and I continue to press forward. I am so thankful for gym time – if it wasn’t for sand volleyball I would have either gone insane or ran away. It is hard not to be to competitive but the Elders and I have some good wholesome competition between us. There is nothing better than hitting the ball right in front of the Elder’s face or getting a good block against them. It is a good thing we never keep score or I think it would get a little heated sometimes.

Classes are so awesome and even better than classes are firesides. Our teachers are so much fun and are very helpful. We have all become very good at asking questions till we find the answer we are looking for. The Spirit is so strong here at the MTC – we are all here to learn. I am so thankful I am not learning a language although sometimes I wander if it would be better because it is so easy to let my pride get in the way of me keeping the gospel simple. Teaching investigators is harder than I would have ever imagined but I love it. I sometimes have a hard time remembering to be myself and the times i forget to are always the lessons that go up in smoke. Though I am serving the Lord and giving up so much I am not going to let go of my personality – that is what makes me who i am. (I will try not to be too sassy though 🙂 )

I love you all so much. The Gospel is true and everything comes down to the Doctrine of Christ.


Sister Stegelmeier


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